In order to offer you the best possible cutlery, Eternum collaborates with several designers. Our most attractive products arise from their creativity.

Nick Holland, Astoria

Nick is one of the most experienced international product designers in the world of tableware and housewares.   He has worked in the tableware business for most of his life, both as a full time Design Director for manufacturing companies and also as an independent design consultant.  This experience has given him an in-depth knowledge and understanding of world tableware markets, combined with materials technology and manufacturing techniques.  

His company Nick Holland Design, founded in 1997, is an international product design consultancy with a base in Great Britain and studio in Porto, Portugal.  Nick graduated from the Royal College of Art, London with a Masters degree in Product Design with a distinction and the rare honour of the Royal College Silver Medal.  He is a judge for the Tableware International Awards of Excellence, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Society of Designers and a visiting professor at Staffordshire University in England – the centre of the British ceramic industry.

Pierre Collard

Pierre Collard

Pierre Collard, Rubis

Pierre Collard is a Belgian designer working in Brussels. His designs are enhanced by a constant research for smart and playful interaction between the item and its end-user. The basic shapes of everyday items and their amazing properties are his main inspiration to create new solids. 
He was born in the South of Belgium and majored in industrial design in La Cambre (2012). He has cooperating with many international brands, designers, architects, packaging experts since then. He is also the brand manager of many companies. 
In line with his comprehensive approach of design, he considers the item as well as its packaging, graphics and strategic identity. "The many facets of a designer's work are joined under one motto: a personal answer to an external question." 

Santiago Sevillano, Mahé

Santiago Sevillano Sebastia was born in Valencia in 1975. After mastering furniture upholstery at his father’s workshop, he studied Industrial Design both in the Politechnic University of Valencia  and in the CEU San Pablo University. He has been working as a Product Designer since then and is a member of ADVC/BEDA.

In today's fast changing world, with so many industries struggling under the pressure of competitors, many of Santiago’s products have proven exceptionally long lived and, therefore, exceptionally profitable. The studio design VISION provides a new meaning to the product, putting it beyond fleeting fashions. Its distinctive process makes the studio designers research in different market niches, which may result in changing a product in order to improve DIFFERENTIATION, generating unique aspects and creating a sense of value.

The KNOW-HOW, knowledge, creativity, empathy, patient, intuition, and passion are the ingredients that make up a great idea. Competence, attention to detail, team work and efficiency are the way to obtain a great product: a product capable of generating significant experiences for people and solid business opportunities for companies. Santiago’s studio is focused on the profitable and long-term positive growth of the client-designer relationship and on an effective production. Their array of multidisciplinary experiences becomes an extension of any company's team, guiding both parts through the product development journey.

Louise Charlier

Louise Charlier

Louise Charlier, Neva

Louise Charlier is a Brussels designer. After her studies in industrial design at ENSAV La Cambre, she multiplies experiences, in Belgium and abroad. Since 2010 she has been developing her product design consulting business for European companies.

For her, the designer is the link between the industry, the product and the user. As such, the solutions it offers are industrially feasible, functional and well in their time. Its approach goes beyond simple aesthetic research. The products she develops reflect what they really are and express the functions they perform. She is always looking for simple, strong and durable solutions. She attaches great importance to the completion of the product and its finish. The detail gives the product something indefinable that will make the difference.

Nedda El Asmar

Nedda El Asmar

Nedda El Asmar, APPETIZE design

Nedda El Asmar studied jewellery design and silversmithing at the “Académie Royale des Beaux-arts” (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in Antwerp, and she completed her education at the Royal College of Art in London.

She works for several famous brands and won various awards for her designs. She was given the Sterckshofopdracht 1997, an annual assignment by the Silver Museum of Antwerp, and in the same year she won the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award. Nedda was proclaimed Belgian Designer of the year 2007. In 2008, she was nominated for the second time for the “Talents du luxe” (Talent of Luxury). She also won the prestigious Flemish Culture Award 2008 for Design.

Nedda has been teaching at the “Académie Royale des Beaux-arts” (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in Antwerp since 2007. 

Louis De Limburg

Louis De Limburg

Louis De Limburg, ALASKA, ALINEA, X15, and other designs

“ … my favourite tool is a black pencil !  When we, industrial designers, create a new project, we are of course looking for something new, but we also keep in mind the price and the technical constraints… But the most important to me is to stimulate an incredible emotion…”

Eternum has been working with Louis for more than 10 years. He is the designer of symbolic products like X15, Alaska, Alinea… 

Stefan Schöning

Stefan Schöning

Stefan Schöning, SLOW design

'Diversity feeds creativity'

in search of developing his identity, Stefan Schöning works in a lot of different fields with a variety of products and materials. Toys, lighting, furniture, kitchenware, consumer products, public design, all of these industries require a different approach and gather a knowledge which is exchangeable.

This approach results in designs which go further than standard production. Every design case can lead to applying new technologies and materials in order to sharpen the appearance of the design’s identity. Elimination is an important guide during this design process.

 ‘if you draw a line, it has to replace all other redundant lines. it has to be that line, with all its characteristics. this is absolutely necessary to keep the world free from clutter and excess.’ 

Adrien Ciejak and Pierre Duthoit

Adrien Ciejak and Pierre Duthoit

Adrien Ciejak and Pierre Duthoit, PETALE design

Adrien Ciejak and Pierre Duthoit are two young French designers. 
Their shared thinking and pragmatical vision result in four-handed object creations and imagination. Curious and passionate about everything, they like to bring a simple and clear answer. Pierre and Adrien have worked with several famous brands in different fields: which suits them quite well! “We make our designs for the end user first. Our aim is that the experience coming from the created object remains unforgettable for him. Therefore, we have to carefully listen to the user and to always bring our thinking further; for all our products to become real surprises”